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about iridike polo

Some history


The inspiration for the name Iridike comes from the name of a horse owned by Luciano’s wife, Mariana. They founded the company together and a brand dedicated to leather goods made in Uruguay and to the sale or hire of polo ponies. In addition, they founded a polo school for beginners who want to start learning this wonderful sport.

Together, Luciano and Mariana toured Europe taking their brand to the continent’s most prestigious tournaments. Over the years, Iridike has been developed into a well-known and respected brand. Iridike, as a team has participated in many of the tournaments organised by Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande, one of the most recognised polo clubs in the world.

In response to the great demand of people interested in starting this sport, we have created Iridike Polo. This is totally dedicated to the equestrian side, both polo lessons and polo holiday packages as well as beach and grass polo tournaments. We also organise horseback riding for people of all ages and ability.

Iridike Polo is a new polo destination founded by Luciano Irazabal and Nano Iturrioz, who are two experienced polo professionals. Iridike offers polo tuition, horseback adventures and polo holidays. Located only 20 minutes from Sotogrande marina and the coast, Iridike has over 40 horses in its polo school suitable for both beginners and more advanced players and catering for all polo abilities.

Play polo on 3 Rosas

Iridike Polo is located in Three Roses, Sotogrande, in the South of Spain. This place was specially built for practicing polo, combining all the requirements that make it a perfect establishment and with all the necessary facilities for learning, practicing or playing this sport.

Thanks to its 70 boxes and to Spain´s ideal winter climate, it is a perfect place for lodging horses from all around Europe.

See on 360º Our facilities

Three Roses is a clear example in Sotogrande of the passion for polo experienced since many years ago.

Our facilities

Only at Tres Rosas

80 horses

40 of them, from the school

60 boxes
10 Paddocks
10 Corrals
Shaded fields

Over 40 acres of wooded and naturally shaded fields where the ponies can rest

Open 365 days per year
1 Regulation size polo field
2 Smaller support game fields
Tifton grass

Always optimal conditions

80x40 m. training tracks

Perfect for bad weather games

2 excercise tracks

For daily horse excercise.

We have 80 horses for all levels of play. 40 of these horses are dedicated to the polo school which means we are always ready to accommodate large groups who can then share a great polo experience at Iridike Polo School.

We have 60 boxes, 10 large corrals and 20 single corrals. We have over 40 acres of wooded and naturally shaded fields where the ponies can rest, all this is available 365 days per year.

We have 3 polo fields, one of full regulation size and two smaller ones where we play three on three or teach. All are tifton grass with the appropriate drainage and maintenance to keep them in good playable condition all year round.

We also have a sand arena of 80m x 40m where we play in winter or when, despite our sunny climate, the infrequent rain does not permit the use of the grass fields. We have another arena of 60m x 20m which we use for teaching children and for working with new polo ponies.

For the daily exercise of the polo ponies we have a training ring of 330m and another of 500m.