Luciano Irazábal

“A lifetime dedicated to horses and polo, both as a sport and as a job.”

Luciano's Life

From a boy dedicated to horses, he studied for three years at the Veterinary School of Montevideo, until he had the opportunity to travel to Europe to work in 1999.

In the year 2000, Luciano travelled to the north of England to train the horses of Mark Keegan, who had an exceptional breeding programme for polo. With Mark, he began to travel to Ireland to buy more English Thoroughbred horses that he could later bring to Spain and train in the winter.

Luciano then decided to import horses from Uruguay, initially by boat and then by plane to sell and hire to clients from all over the world, who came to Sotogrande looking for horses to play.

In 2006 Luciano started a project with his cousin. Together they founded Pony del Sol, a company dedicated to preparing horses in Uruguay to send to England at the beginning of the season ready for sale.

In 2007, at Inglesham Polo Club, 47 horses were auctioned and in 2008 at Fifield Polo Club, a further 30 more were sold.

From then on, Luciano has been based in Sotogrande running a polo school, hiring horse for playing practices, tournaments, and playing professionally himself.

Today Iridike Polo is based at Tres Rosas Polo Club running the polo school.